Alci Srl provides a wide and completed machineries lines for any solutions about dehydration and thickness sludge problems and for water from urban and industrial source. An accurate combo between chemical, physical and biological process make both liquid phase and solid phase – divided during centrifugal process, suitable to disposal at special landfill or for the re-use at composting plant and agricultural.


Alci Srl has a consolidated experience about petrochemical field, so about drilling sludge treatment, oil, coat water and catalytic residual.


Alci Srl builds centrifugal extractors for food industry: the strict rules about used material for manufacturing food find the right conformity on Alci’s knowledge and skill to realize centrifugal extractors in line with the construction standards required from these markets.


Alci Srl’s centrifugal extractors can be used also for olive oil industry.


Alci Srl Centrifuge are used also for restoration and inert washing, sludge processing highly abrasive. Also, decanters are suitable for sludge dehydration from backwash of filters and drinking water process.
Centrifuges are also planted for the civil and industrial water treatment, treatment and restoration of zoo-technical slurry and biodiesel, tanning industries, water from steel mill processes.